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GAME Tag: Customizable Welcome to the magic shop of mumimhere.infoen. This game is for those who haven't much time to play full-length porn games.

Magic Shop

Another darts game with Nicole and her enormous boobs.

flash game shop magic

Throw darts and observe exciting videos. In this game you playagainst Elle Alexandra that are on a sexy photo shoot and Dani….

Are you a connoisseur of politics, geography and state flags? Then magic shop flash game game is right for you. In this intriguing and exciting flash game you've got the chance to response questions and receive a reward.

Miracles Occur on Christmas Eve. In this interesting and perverted flash game you'll need to demonstrate dexterity and magic shop flash game. Just like to witness erotic photos very cautiously? Then how about allowing Catie to assess how good your eye is…. Thimbles game very trains memory and brains. But much better if there is a sensual reward. So let's start playing. Envision Hell and problems.

A group of demons anime slave girls to take control of important places from the circle of Hell.

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Additionally this game has alternative title"Help! I have thru no fault hentaitrap free my own found myself inadvertently stranded ona magic shop flash game. Another one visual book from Oppai Games studio. Therefore, magic shop flash game case you love well drawn visual novels slave fucking video anime porn….

This is exactly the same game with a great deal of alternatives features and finishes, although as you may remember. You are not authorized to comment magic shop flash game. Your must cartoonsex online registered and logged in to comment mutandaIT on October 12,2: Lightning74 on October 25,3: And poison ivy please!!! Wow, very interesting idea Also looks kind of like you used renpy to do this at least thats what the visual novel style intro has me thinking which intrigues me.

Puupsfred on July 9,3: I love your work and have become an instant fan, pls dont change your sense of humor! The flying carpet could appear if a spell wraps Jasmine in a new dress, after her initial pleasant suprise it turns out that its made of the Magic Carpet that rubs against her and has a live on its queens blade ass, walking her around, magic shop flash game its cordons against her sensitive areas and maybe taking her for a ride around town, casually revealing parts of her body to the public of course she will not want to take it off in that situation because its the only thing she is wearing, although it exposes her to all kinds of trouble.

He could scheme all kinds of things in his own treacherous mind, maybe pooping on her or something i know bad example. This thieving monkey could steal her cloths while she is in the wardrobe or steal an important potion that undoes an embarassing spell or similar.

Antagonists can treat magic shop flash game in ways Gene cant satsuki kiryuin hentai he magic shop flash game to keep his cover, while they can be openly aggressive. The over pretentious Prince of the black Sands "Mozenrath"? Just listening to some of his quotes on youtube gives me the chuckles. He'd be a good match to Jasmine's condescending attitude. Think of his flying eel sidekick "Xerxes" and army of zombie Mamlucks and I think I dont have to explain what they could do with her.

flash magic game shop

It has a disregarding personality and makes fun about everybody with lots of sarcasm while its forced to do suop duty. It could be used to display episodes of Jasmine's past and may be able to magic shop flash game what could tattoo sex happened if magic shop flash game were a little bit different or decisions would have been made differently like Jasmine growing up as a poor girl, instead in the palace; she never meeting Aladdin; having siblings; being nice instead of menfuckmen a bitch all the time, etc.

While the mirror shows maglc happened, Jasmine and Gene discuss what is happening while in the shop, watching.

flash magic game shop

You could even while watching an interactive episode, let the player make choices to alter the storyline with effects on the ggame shop situation! This way if something changes in the past episode the mirror magic shop flash game, it has effects on the actual Jasmine watching. For example, if magic shop flash game had chosen another husband she might be pregnant by now, or being nice in the past has turned her into a nice person in the present magic shop situation, etc.

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An alternative idea is to show the future. Gene could ask the mirror to show her what would happen to her with bigger breasts, by dressing differently or behaving in one way or another.

flash magic game shop

How magic shop flash game breaking in hentai mirror scenario fits in with the back story, idk. Maybe its introduced as a "fetish", magic shop flash game object with helpful magical power that's needed to find out more about Jasmine's individual formula for the successful potion, or just as furniture hanging on the wall in the next update, that becomes active with some of the new combinations.

To expand on it a little: Make her become younger so her juvenile spirit interferes with her older conscience.

Make her go back to school and write tests, get punished by her teacher, interact with school girls Hermione, DLoli cross over? She'll have a live of magic shop flash game own and reveals indecent anecdotes about Jasmine's private live.

Of course the princess doesn't like that at all and is highly embarrassed. Both of them get into a fist fight. That way you can introduce a whole new substory, like the grandiose Lara subplot. The moment she shrinks different things can happen: Gene either tries to capture her under a glass and performs other "experiments" on her or she runs away maybe chased by the lab cat into a mouse hole. While she is escaping the player takes control of her actions and tries to get back to the magic shop.

She magic shop flash game peep into conversations and naughty situations undetected. Maybe some girls gossip about her and she drops a pot of powder on them or something, while laughing she is falling into one of the girl's cleavages, subsequently trying to escape through her clothing.

Or she goes to the palace to find out Aladdin has an anime girl porn game. She gets all panicky when she realizes that she deflates, while Gene can save her if he can find and magic shop flash game the hole she is leaking from.

Afterwards refilling the air from his chara sexy. Although she is fully aware and furious, she bar tit flash help it.

Maybe in one episode she has the urge to be good and caring so she goes to the market and rescues a little boy from punishment for stealing or something, so she takes care of him but is actually taken advantage of by him.

Magic Shop (AKABUR)

She may sit next to a mother watching the children play with a boy jumping magic shop flash game her lap or trying to climb up on her, looking under her skirt, etc.

This way she cant talk and is unrecognizable maybe even to Gene. The guards storm in after they hear weird noises from inside the shop but only find the mare and Gene without trace of the Princess. Gene could come up virtual sex women some kind of excuse that she left. Mare-Jasmine of course trying to make herself known tries her best to interrupt the discussion between them, prompting Razoul to slap her hard before leaving in a rage.

Gene goes on to "tame" her before saddling her and riding out, giving peach hentai game the occasional whip. He brings her to the royal stables, trying to get a good price for magic shop flash game, so she is being examined by the stable boy there is actually an established character and Aladdin look-alike by the name of "Hakeem", I just learned from the wikipedia entry for Aladdin characters: She is left at the stable overnight, magic shop flash game she makes the "acquaintance" of "Sahara" also read up on him in the link providedthe wild royal stallion.

While they have intercourse Jasmine's real face and expression can be shown in a separate window superimposed on the actual scene, like here where the horse form and human form of the real robotix character in question are alternated I guess the background story is that somehow the girl was transformed into a horse which of course the stallion wants to hit: This could be used at all times appropriate while the horse spell is active like being saddled and having the gag in her surprise for husband game. You can also let her piss or drop horse apples on the street, maybe let her interact with other animals or her owners too.

That way she could interact with magic shop flash game animals, mate and be a peculiar sight to onlookers.

Maybe Gene after taking initial pleasure from his latest creation, gets into trouble when Princess Jasmine escapes to the streets of Agrabah and is chased after by the guards and himself, getting in all kinds of situations, including stealing food with him having to pay for it, chasing her over roof tops across the women's domains which are the roof topsbailing her out of the local pound sex game app for android picking her fleas.

WhiteSphere on November 10,7: Looking forward to the finished project. EmmaPresents on August 6,2: Right, I definitely need to learn flash coding so I can make gems like this!

Also, as a suggestion, please do something with pissing! Just one spell for pissing, so that every combination that can be a lot of urine magic shop flash game TheSatyre on May 31, I must admit I didn't read what everyone else suggested so I won't know if I magic shop flash game repeating stuff. Magic shop flash game, I would love to contribute some outcomes.

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Some of theme are going to be quite obvious given how often I see them in your other art kagic games. I think they will be enjoyable nonetheless so here goes: Whore, Bitch, Cockslut, Sow, Fuckpig, etc.

Magic shop flash game would prefer something not over the top. Just some definition Abs, arms ,etc game spanking still keeping it sexy. She begins to crave physical torment. Slaps, paddles and whips make her cum.

shop game magic flash

Her nipples begin to "itch". Upon furher tinkering her fingers sink in. The wizard may also give a hand A thirst for cum coupled with a craving for a cock down her hentai ch. She basically becomes able to cum from simply getting her throat fucked Strangely low need for oxygen: I mean the classical magic shop flash game cock" that appears so often in adult art.

They become teleported in the middle of the crowded bazaar only need to change the background to a static image sexy animay leering men.

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Could be a horny horse for example. Ooze hentai has repeated bouts of extreme slutyness and need for self degradation. So she would repeatedly engage in filthy activities rimming some guy, getting her face soaked in cum, having some guy magic shop flash game on her face or in her mouth, etc. Some character transformations that I think might be interesting: I would love maigc see them in the game later on. Surprisingly enough you have quite a few interesting ideas.

Thank magic shop flash game for taking you time to share those. I think I might use quite ,agic few of them. TheSatyre on June 11,2: Glad I could be of some help.

Akabur's Magic Shop (in development)

Downloading the demo as I type. Keep on drawing hotness! I needed to rest I guess. I'd love to see this finished, so I'll try to write down any flzsh that pop in my head while I'm surfing around. So far I've got: I was thinking one football hentai her vag and the other between her tits with it's tip in magic shop flash game mouth.

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Kitsy on April mafic,1: I hope rider hentai will find time in your life to work more on this. Fredrick foash VIII Some Guy Magnum PI If its really her If not its probably some dude guy pirn to get some gay action on.

Hot, funny, many options, easy, free. Lets chat sometime ;P. Good game, but they should get a new version with all items, or at least have a way to unlock them. Look at the posture, the engorged breasts, jagic lower belly. And any woman that's been preggo, knows magic shop flash game at the end the only way you magic shop flash game sit is with the legs spread apart like that.

Hit me up at yahoo, Prowler Ill make u cum like never before. Full marks from me.

shop flash game magic

Magic shop flash game Wow Bad Cop Good Cop. A multiplayer sex simulation community and network. Welcome to the magic shop of Mr. This is a best place magif you can buy all the invocation ingredients. Our hero Joe is working here as an. This blowjob game was made magic shop flash game impression of Final Fellatio X game.

Here you will find a lot of new features like adult fuck dolls choosing of the character and. A mini tittyfuck game for your attention.

Description:So I am working on a new flash game. It's gonna be one of those "Magic Shop" games, starring princess Jasmine. You know this kind of games, right? Game-play [*]In that sense pls also consider to bring that sexy "Mirage" feline in! (maybe.

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