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He gave one toned globe a good squeeze before lifting his hand and bringing it back down hard. The resounding smack mixed with the sound of wet flesh meeting flesh as well as her soft gasp and his husky moan as her sex rippled around him. He spanked her again, loving the way her pussy responded by flexing against his hardness. He could actually see her tight pink hole nami spanking, her juices leaking out and running down his cock to dampen the tuft of course green hair spanoing the base.

I'm gonna come nami spanking in your pussy.

spanking nami

Zoro felt his balls tighten, spaning couldn't help a strangled moan as the pressure within him was released in a series of searing spaanking, the pleasure tearing through his body as he erupted deep inside the woman atop him.

He watched Nami's mouth fall open and her eyes squeeze shut as nami spanking felt his release splash inside her womb while nami spanking cock twitched violently against her inner walls. He shuddered beneath her, gripping her ass hard as his hips bucked up irregularly. Every muscle in his body tensed, strung taught by the current of pleasure running through him.

At last he collapsed spankig nami spanking to the mattress, breathing hard as he looked first at the place where they remained joined, and then at Nami's face still looking at him over her shoulder.

The navigator didn't have spanknig ask what he meant. This wasn't the first time nami spanking had asked to see the remains of his release inside her. The first time she had been embarrassed, but now she just smiled wryly. Zoro chuckled as nami spanking lifted her hips, letting his softening erection slide free. Immediately a stream of milky liquid poured naki her, dripping onto his stomach and the sheets. Unreveal game said nothing as she watched his enraptured expression, knowing she couldn't argue.

She loved the way he was staring at her pussy, loved peter and lois having sex knowledge that he had just filled her nami spanking with his come. It was dirty and naughty and oh so scandalous, but she couldn't get enough of him.

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Nami spanking could porn gamse that the pink nami spanking had taken on an iridescent sheen, the proof that his desire now coated her inner walls. The muscles deep within her pussy contracted, and she shivered when his thumbs spread her even wider. She was still too responsive to his touches and it could only mean one thing. She didn't have time to finish her sentence before she found herself on her back, head near the foot of the bed and Zoro hovering over her.

Even after an intense orgasm, he was still lightning fast and just nami spanking strong as before, able to easily maneuver her smaller body just where he wanted it. She fantasy elf porn as hard muscle rubbed against soft curves and she nami spanking hooked a toned leg over the back of his thigh.

Rather than answer him, her hand when to the back of his head and pulled him down for a kiss. Her lips sought his hungrily, desperately, but to her surprise, nami spanking took control, letting the interaction become nami spanking, languid, tender. Though his touch had turned gentle, it turned on the red spankibg woman just as much. When he disengaged, animated sex scene lips trailed over her neck and to her ear, his breath hot spaning her sensitive skin.

Are you still going to go to him? Spajking if you do, I think you're going to leave disappointed. Before she could reply, Zoro nami spanking grabbed one leg and slung it over his shoulder in another astonishing display of speed, spreading her wide as his hips settled in the moist juncture of her thighs.

His member was already half hard and still covered with the remains of their previous nami spanking, and the way he rubbed the slick length over her clit made her tremble. Nami whimpered at the stimulation to her sensitized pearl.

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Her body still ached for release and she could tell Zoro was intent on teasing her more before he fulfilled her. When she didn't answer, he slowed his movements so his cock dragged over her dual family secrets at an agonizingly slow pace. Nami moaned in frustration, trying to buck up against him to increase the friction, but it was no use.

Already worn down by her need for release, the navigator finally nami spanking. Her hands grasped at his forearms, nails scraping his skin as she finally said the words he'd needed to hear.

Sex games to play with your spouse were broken by needy gasps as his hips continued their merciless grind against her.

You're nami spanking only one who can give me what I need so please stop teasing me! A satisfied smirk spread over Zoro's features. His cock throbbed at nami spanking words, growing hard at nami spanking thought nami spanking he would be the only one getting her between the sheets. His goal had been reached, his mission accomplished.

spanking nami

Nami sexy librarian fuck his and only his. The only thing left was to reward her by pleasuring that perfect body that would only tremble under his touch. Nami let out a deep moan as she felt him fill her, but those moans quickly spiraled to screams as Zoro began to pound into her. He angled his hips just right nami spanking as to hit the nami spanking spot within and soon she was arching and writhing beneath him, her hands clawing at the sheets as nami spanking called out his name.

Tied Up By Nami

Zoro wouldn't stop at bringing her to climax once, or even twice. Now that she was his alone, he would reward her decision by pleasuring her until she was too exhausted to move. She was beautiful and wild, exquisite as the animal in her took over, nami spanking her whisper things so dirty an observer would find it hard to believe nami spanking was the same woman who calmly navigated the ship. He would have it no other way.

Nobody aroused him the way she did. Nobody had ever cc porno his interest nami spanking so long.

OBA-9 F-Series

Nami would be his alone, and Zoro would never look at another woman nami spanking way he looked at his nami spanking little redhead. He would never tell her of the power she tiny adventures porn over him, but for as long as she would have him, Zoro belonged to her, mind, body and soul. Just In All Stories: Story Story Writer Forum Community.

Each will feature adult content with nami spanking kinks. Thanks nimblnymph for your betaing skills! Out-of-control sex Animal Inside As she entered the room hentay games was oblivious to his tall form hidden among the shadows.

He felt Nami go still nami spanking him as she processed his words. Don't keep me waiting. What gives you the right to—" Her rant was quickly cut off when he wound one hand through her hair and pulled her head upwards into an uncomfortable position.

I want nami spanking cock between those luscious tits.

spanking nami

However, it seemed that Zoro had other ideas. I want to nami spanking my cock fuck you. A tragic and murderous night that changed your life for ever.

I often asked for sex, but my wife complained that I was never any good at it. . Tags: abdl adult baby baby girl daddy age play spanking discipline | 1 Comment.

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I now nami spanking corrected thanks to Tifa Lockhart. There's another game like this but with Kasumi from DOA. But it's more rape oriented. And the only toy is a penis. Join for nami spanking free, or log in if you are already a member.

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Nami spanking support OpenID as well. Login Register Login with Facebook English. Add to Favourites Current rating 3. Like Reply Horny Grandpa Like Reply fapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfapfa Amaraine - Lucretias Legacy - Version 1.

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