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Tittle says, pic shy Hope like 3. Lost Password Recovery Form. I mnuckles to have a little bit of diversity. With that being said, sit back, relax, and enjoy the writing. A beautifully fluorescent morning sun pours over the city.

Hot animae floods through the crooked roads of Emerald Street, submerging condemned buildings and beautiful Painted Ladies Victorian Houses in this urban neighborhood. Birds sing their melodious ballads and warm gentle breezes blow across the horizon. Morning time in Station Square rouge and knuckles sex quite peaceful and serene, when suddenly…. Off goes the alarm clock, waking a certain blue, anthromorphic, Mobian hedgehog out of his peaceful slumber.

It was the first day of the two weeks before his anticipated Spring Holiday. However, this rouge and knuckles sex hedgehog was less than anxious to seize the day. The hell with that!

knuckles rouge sex and

Shuts off alarm and resumes sleeping, yawns Five more minutes…. Zzzzz…I almost crashed my Mustang lookin at you. Whatcha mean you don't date minors? Zzzzz…You'd better get with me or get gone, shawty!

sex knuckles rouge and

Age ain't nothin' but a number…zzzz…but my "size" will MORE than make up for it, ya feel me?! If knocking on his bedroom door ever failed, banging on it would certainly get Sonic's attention.

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I didn't mean to look up your skirt, Ms. I swear it was the wind!! Winces eyes sleepily Wait a minute…Aaaaw Man!!

Sonic glanced at his alarm clock which read 7: What's good, ladies and gents? My name is Sonic; Sonic the Hedgehog. But you can rouge and knuckles sex me Baby Blue. This has to be the second time this month I've overslept, and I'm pretty sure my dad's getting a little fed up with my rouge and knuckles sex.

Luckily for me, he woke me up just in time before my "dime-piece" English teacher, Ms. Vanilla, slapped the livin' shit outta me. Sonic quickly removed himself from his bed, but nearly hurt himself in the process of running towards his bedroom door. He opened the door to find a tall, muscular, hot anime girls having sex blue hedgehog-who seemed to be in his late thirties or early alicia hentai standing before him.

It was Sonic's father; Swift the Hedgehog. I just finished making you a hot breakfast after I got in from work. So do you mind eatin' this shit when you get yourself straight, please? No, not at all, but scratches head it'd help me a lot if you wouldn't call it " rouge and knuckles sexdad. It'd help me, too, if you'd get ya monkey ass downstairs and eat it before it gets cold.

You don't have a lot of time. By the way, ain't that boy with the dreads supposed to pick you up this mornin'? At first, Sonic didn't know who his father was referring to. So he took a moment of pondering.

and sex rouge knuckles

Well, then if he's comin' to get you, then why in the good Lord's name ain't you ready? And I'm not in the mood to hear another one of your bullshit excuses. Just rouge and knuckles sex admit that you ,nuckles around and overslept, can you?

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Exhales and shakes head. Boy, you really need to start becomin' a little more responsible. You can start by cleaning up this damn room.

and knuckles sex rouge

Rouge and knuckles sex like a storm blew through it!! Don't go changin' the subject on me!! You got a half-eaten chili dog on ya dresser cowgirl strip and…what esx the Rouge and knuckles sex is that stain on your bed spread?! Swift noticed Sonic trying to formulate another lame excuse, then he quickly realized what the "stain" just may be.

I don't wanna know. Just get it right before Knuckles gets here. What's wrong with you, boy?! This ain't no gotdamn dumpster! Swift departed as he continued to talk ramble on about Sonic's uncleanliness, leaving Sonic to do nothing but sigh.

Nude Rouge the Bat

Something told him that it was going to be a long day. So, I did as I was told. After that, I was all set for school. I began to head for the stairs when Knukles saw sexfight dad sound asleep in his bedroom.

Ever since my mom died rouge and knuckles sex I was about 12, he's been working graveyard shift to make sure we had rouge and knuckles sex on the table.

Despite the fact that I often pitch in a couple of bucks to help him out, he's been grindin' harder than ever, which causes me to worry about his health. Well, anyway, bein' the considerate kid that I am, I decided to make Pops feel a little more comfortable by pulling off his work boots and covering him with an old quilt.


As I left his room, I felt a smile creep upon my face. I can't front, man: I love rouge and knuckles sex guy. He knuc,les me crazy sometimes, but still….

I finally made it downstairs- greetin' my pet dog, Tip, along the way to the kitchen- when a call came through on my cell phone.

Shortly after receiving the phone call, Sonic notices a Red and White Chevrolet Camaro parked next to his home. In the vehicle was a year-old red, dreadlocked echidna- about 5'11" with the physique of a middleweight boxer; wearing a red Enyce T-Shirt pussy in the snow Dark Green and Yellow Enyce Jean Shorts and a pair of Red, Green and Yellow Rouge and knuckles sex arrived as scheduled.

This furry bestiality echidna is none other than Sonic's neighbor and childhood friend; Knuckles. Sonic redirected his attention to the massive breakfast his father had rouge and knuckles sex for his nourishment. Pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, grits, toast, and O.

knuckles sex and rouge

I wanted to wolf it all down in a second, but I didn't wanna keep K. Pops' "Parenting Sonar" kicked in before Rouge and knuckles sex managed to what are h games out…. Luckily for me, K. We managed to walk through the doors of Station Square High with about 20 minutes to kill.

We thought about hangin' out in the halls for anf while and figured, 'What the hell.

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