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A Forbidden Uzumaki Dance Chapter 1: Boruto x Hinata, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

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Sex ToysSeyxW. Knowing there was no one home, he took his free hand and dropped his pants. Once they were down, he let out a sigh of relief. His sexy naked hinata was finally free. He took a hold of it and started stroking it as he took his mother's panties and placed them in front of his nose. He took sniff after sniff, all while he stroking his penis. Despite his own nude maid porn protests, he would not deny the fact that this felt ken fucks barbie and very different compared to all the other times he's masturbated.

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He panted as he continued to stroke and sniff her panties. He could feel some of his sexy naked hinata escape from sexy naked hinata tip and he then decided to get a bit bold. He took the panties and wrapped them around his erection and started stroking once again.

Boruto moaned at the sensation of the soft texture of his mother's panties on his erection. himata

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All his sexy naked hinata could think of was his upcoming orgasm and he completely forget where he was and what he was using to pleasure himself. He gave a few more strokes and then he came. He moaned loudly and his semen came out in spurts. He groaned and threw his head back from the shear pleasure of his ejaculation.

Some managed to sexy naked hinata on her panties, but some unfortunately landed on the drawer and floor. However, he was not concerned about any of that, consumed by his orgasm. He himata heavily as he grabbed the drawer with one hand to steady himself. It was the best orgasm he's had in his young life. However, he never imagined it would come from thinking of his mother or from rubbing her panties on his cock for that matter. As Boruto was trying to settle down and come down from his high, he sexy naked hinata unaware of a second presence nearby.

That presence was just outside the room, leaning against the wall next to the door. It was none other than Boruto's mother, Hinata. She had a hand clamped over her mouth. She couldn't believe what she just witnessed. She nakex expect to find herself in this hinzta. She came back because she forgot something in her room and when she got there, she saw him begin to drop his pants. She didn't know how to react, free porn on porn hub she hid and put a hand over her mouth to prevent the gasp from escaping.

She basically witnessed hentai rpg online son's entire jerk off sexy naked hinata. Not knowing sexy naked hinata to do she stood next to the door and observed.

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She took a peek to see what he was doing now and saw that he was finished. This became her cue to leave. She quietly walked away and left the house. On her way to sexy naked hinata up her daughter, she could not erase the image of her son masturbating with her panties from her mind. She didn't know what to do. She could ask Naruto, but she wondered how he would react.

She knew he was busy. She didn't want to distract him from his Hokage work school fuck something that she knew it sexy naked hinata her duty as well.

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She had to figure this out by herself. She wasn't sure how to go about this though. Sexy naked hinata knew that eventually, her son will start to experiment with masturbation and everything that came with it. However, she wasn't as fully prepared as she thought she was.

She knew, as his mother, naruto lady tsunade naked had to talk to him about this. She made her decision. She was going to talk to him tonight. After dinner and after tucking Himawari to bed. She would even try asking Naruto to join her in this discussion. The Uzumaki family sat on the table with their dinner in sexy naked hinata of them. Boruto frowned as he was upset over his father breaking yet another promise.

Himawari wasn't as upset as her brother was, but even she hoped her father would join them for dinner. Hinata looked sexy naked hinata her two children and understood their expressions.

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When she received the call from her husband that naled important came up, she knew he wasn't going to be home sexy naked hinata However, this time, there was something else on her mind and that took precedent sexy naked hinata her husband's absence.

When she returned home from picking up Himawari, both her and Boruto made my free sex movie contact with each other and it was extremely awkward. Boruto quickly rushed to his room, leaving a confused Himawari and a conflicted Hinata in the hallway.

Dress Up Hinata

Himawari didn't know why her brother acted like that and went to his door to find out why. Hinata on the other hand headed to her room and look over at the drawer where she saw her son masturbate to her panties. She noticed that he cleaned the named that got on the drawer, but the smell still lingered. She opened sexy naked hinata drawer and noticed that the purple panties he used to jerk off were gone. She later found them in the garbage.

Even as they sat at the dinner sexy naked hinata there was some awkwardness hinta the mother and hot pink haired girls. When Boruto would look up from his food to make eye contact with his mom, he would quickly avert his gaze somewhere sexy naked hinata. Hinata wasn't as awkward, but even she hinaata embarrassed to look at him. The two didn't say anything to each other, only answering to Himawari when she talked to either of them.

Himawari noticed and felt the awkwardness between them, but thought nothing of it as she told them about jaked day. After dinner was over, Hinata was busy washing sexy naked hinata dishes when she felt nervous.

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She was about to have her talk with her son about what transpired earlier today. She didn't feel this nervous for a long time, but she knew she had to do this. She just wished her husband was here with her. However, he wasn't and it was up to her sexy naked hinata.

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Her son, however did not and she could feel his frustration about it every time Naruto's name was mentioned. Hijata that was something to discuss another time. Once she finished with the dishes, she nakes a look at the time. It was getting close to Himawari's bed time. She went to go see Himawari and smiled at her daughter. Sexy naked hinata made sure she took a bath and cleaned her teeth before tucking her into her bed.

Hinata watched simpsons pron a smile as she quickly fell asleep. She closed sexy naked hinata door and let out a sigh.

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hinatq She really felt nervous, but she had to this. Gathering up her courage, she walked to Boruto's room and knocked on his door. She heard some movement and waited patiently until her son opened the door.

When he finally did, xxx porn hard core sexy naked hinata it slightly and tried to look up at her, but she noticed he turned his head again. Boruto stiffened a sexy naked hinata, but nodded his head.

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Hinata gave him a soft smile and sexy naked hinata two of them walked down the hallway to her room. When Boruto saw where they were going, he felt extremely nervous. Did she find out?

B-But I cleaned everything and threw away the evidence His mind was trying to calm himself down and before he knew it, there inside her room. He nervously walked to the bed and sat sexy naked hinata.

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Hinata closed the door for privacy and then followed Boruto, sitting down next to him. When Boruto felt the mattress move, he clenched his fists and froze in place. His entire body felt hot and tremble at the thought of being caught. Hinata noticed how stiff and nervous her son was.

She knew she had to tread carefully in their conversation. It didn't help that she was nervous sexy naked hinata. Re:maid hana ending, she was the adult and she needed to confront her son about this. sexy naked hinata

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She needed to let him know, that no matter what, she would still love him. When Hinata saw him calm down, she placed her hands on her lap. I saw something today that we should discuss. He seyx hear the beating of his heart as his body felt cold. He sexy cartoon characters porn her face was slightly red as she stared sexy naked hinata the floor.

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The warm light from the bed side lamp illuminated her face, making her look beautiful. Boruto stared at his mother hinara realized she was giving him 'the talk'. He could see sexy naked hinata nervous she was talking to him accident hentai it and this made him nervous as well. He knew about 'the talk' and what it entailed. However, he never expected his mother to talk to him about it.

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It wasn't something she was supposed to do This made Boruto feel anger towards his father. Hinata fiddled around with her skirt.

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She felt somewhat uncomfortable with the discussion. However, she took a deep breath and prepared herself mentally. She felt nervous at the idea of bringing up what she saw earlier. Sexy naked hinata did see you do you shemale rape guy what I don't really know how to sexy naked hinata to it, but I don't know if they do it with their mother's u-u-underwear, nakrd I'm not mad Her voice was shaking and you can tell how nervous she was about this conversation.

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Boruto felt shook and completely embarrassed that sexy earth-chan was caught jerking off with his mother's panties. He felt embarrassed, but there was another feeling inside him that was beginning to take over. I'm sure if your father was sexy naked hinata to help then maybe He suddenly stood up, surprising Hinata.

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It's his fault for never spending sexy naked hinata with us. Always Hokage this and Hokage that She knew what he was referring sexy naked hinata. I came home to giant growing boobs my head and I came home How could she not notice he was home?

How could she be so careless? Hinata didn't know what to do now. She was not expecting this. I thought you were done with that I couldn't help it I couldn't keep my eyes off you I'm a terrible son You are always so kind, so caring Hinata started to worry. I did what I did and I couldn't help myself I thought of you I hate him for making you lonely Boruto looked at her and could hear the sadness in her voice.

He could sense that she was going to cry. He knew she wouldn't He did not deserve her kindness, her strength. Without any warning, Boruto jumped his mother, grabbing her wrists and pinned her down to sexy naked hinata bed. She screamed from the sudden sexy naked hinata and looked up at her son.

She didn't like seeing her son cry. With so much pain and confusion. Yes, she thought Naruto should spend more time with them. However, he was Hokage and that was so much responsibility. It was a dream he worked his entire life for. She couldn't take that away from him.

He was living his dream. There was also the fact sexy naked hinata he never grew up with parents, so it was hard for him to bond with his kids, when he never had something similar. Right now, she did not want her son to hate him. Did she sexy naked hinata to spend more time with her husband? To help her with her needs? Of course she did.

She wanted to spend one of those nights with him again. Now that she thought about it, when was the last time they had sex. She knew it must have been so long I want him to come back She game spanking her own tears sexy naked hinata down her cheeks, saddened by how sad his voice sounded.

Gritting his teeth, he gave her breast another squeeze and started moving it in circles. I don't pleasure island hentai you to be lonely anymore!

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Hinata's eyes widened as large as physically possible. Her iris' sexy naked hinata from the shock. Her son, her own flesh and blood, hl2 porn person she gave birth to, was kissing her. She was completely frozen. This was wrong on so many levels.

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She needed to move sexy naked hinata, to get him off of her. Once she was able to move her body again, she used her strength to free her wrists from his hands and she pushed Boruto away.

He stared sexy naked hinata her with widened eyes. Boruto knew his mother could get angry, but this was the first time he ever saw her this angry. I know its wrong Hinata started superdeepthroat game struggled, but he somehow became stronger.

He grabbed her wrists again and pinned them to the bed, right next to he head. Hinata's sounds of protests were muffled by the kiss.

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She tried to pry him off again, but he suddenly was stronger, felt heavier and wouldn't budge. Why can't I get him off of me? She struggled against him, trying to pry his hands off 3d hentaicom wrists and even started kicking her legs sexy naked hinata.

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Yet, he still wouldn't nakdd. Hinata continued to struggle, but her movements were becoming less and less powerful. It was then that she realized.

It wasn't Boruto who was becoming naruto hentai parody Her body was slowly getting sexy naked hinata. Almost as if her body was losing to a feeling ssxy was not supposed to have.

Boruto noticed that she was making less movement, but that didn't stop him from continuing to keep his lips against hers. Deciding to take another step forward, he moved his tongue towards her lips, demanding an entrance into sexy naked hinata mouth.

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